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Enfinity Purchase

Enfinity ERP offers a comprehensive solution to handle all your purchasing needs. From initiating requisitions and creating purchase orders to receiving goods, our platform provides essential tools to enhance vendor relationships and optimize the procurement cycle. Streamline the process with real-time access to supplier information, seamless order management, and advanced analytics. Make the smart move towards efficient and cost-effective purchasing with Enfinity ERP.

Dashboard and Analytics

Dive into a comprehensive view of your purchasing activities. Get real-time insights on KPIs, track your top suppliers, and understand your best-performing products.

  • Drill down to the finer details.

  • Gain real-time insights into purchase performance.

  • Personalize dashboards to show the information that matters most to you.

Order Management

From creating purchase orders to goods receipt and even supplier returns, manage every facet of your procurement seamlessly.

  • Efficient goods receipt process.

  • Support item/invoice level discounts.

  • Streamlined approval workflows for peak efficiency.

Support Multiple Item-Types

Tackle inventory with precision. Track serial numbers, manage batch items, and handle diverse product variations effortlessly.

  • Track serialized inventory with serial numbers.

  • Easy batch management with automatic naming.

  • Efficient handling of color and size item variants.

Multi-Currency Features

Go global with ease. Handle transactions in multiple currencies effortlessly and expand your business horizons.

  • Simple transaction management in varied currencies.

  • Automatic base currency conversions.

  • Grow internationally with multi-currency pricing.

Flexibility and Automation

Streamline operations with a suite of tools designed for efficiency. Move from quote to invoice in a single step and collaborate effectively.

  • Convert quotes to purchase orders seamlessly.

  • Elegant print formats for a professional touch.

  • Transaction approval for reduced errors.

Integrated with Accounting and Payables

Link your procurement with accounting for a streamlined financial process. Handle accounts payables, track balances, and much more with precision.

  • Direct integration with banking, payables and accounting.

  • Automated accounts payable processes.

  • Transaction matching for quicker reconciliations.

  • Track balances and open invoices with precision.

Purchase Reports

Get in-depth reports that offer insights into your procurement process. Customize your reports and make informed business decisions.

  • Purchase by supplier, item, period, and more.

  • Customizable date ranges and column choices.

  • Multidimensional analytics for comprehensive insights.

  • Drill down into data for in-depth analysis.


Ensure robust security with role-based access and detailed audit trails. Maintain a secure and reliable procurement process.

  • Maintain detailed audit trails.

  • Set up granular role-based permissions.

  • Show or hide fields based on user roles.

Embark on a transformative journey with Enfinity ERP

Empower your procurement journey with Enfinity ERP. Experience unmatched efficiency, clarity, and control, ensuring your business remains agile, competitive, and always a step ahead. Dive into a world where procurement is not just a process but a strategic advantage. Choose Enfinity ERP today!

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