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For over two decades, Expert Business Solutions(EBS) has been a leader in providing cloud - based HRMS and ERP solutions in the MENA.Our flagship products, Enfinity HRMS and Enfinity ERP, encapsulate our commitment to innovation and deep understanding of regional regulations.Infused with a global vision, we offer scalable, user - friendly platforms that have become the go - to solutions for businesses ranging from agile startups to mid - market organizations.EBS is more than a software provider; we are a partner in your business's growth, evolution, and success.

Why EBS?

Unrivaled Expertise

As pioneers with 20+ years in enterprise software, including HRMS and ERP, our solutions are trusted from startups to giants.

Tailored for the MENA

Our flagship, Enfinity HRMS, isn't just another HR solution. It's a reflection of the MENA's labor laws, traditions, and business essence.

Innovation Meets Culture

We redefine enterprise software by intertwining the warmth of MENA culture with cutting-edge technology.

A Global Touch

With our offshore base in Pune, India, we merge global tech trends with local requirements.

Highlights of Enfinity

Always Accessible
Thanks to our cloud tech, Enfinity is just a tap away, anytime, anywhere.
Bilingual Interface
With English and Arabic capabilities, language is no barrier.
Swift Support
Based in the MENA, our support team understands and resolves your issues promptly.
Secure & Trustworthy
Collaborating with Microsoft Azure, we ensure top-notch security, reinforcing the trust our clients place in us. And let's face it, our growing client referrals say it all!
Enfinity's analytics empower your decisions, while its intuitive design ensures easy adoption.
Versatility & Vision
Enfinity caters to a range of businesses from startups to enterprises and aims to give the MENA businesses a global edge, transforming how they operate and grow.

EBS isn't just about software; it's a partnership, a journey towards efficient, intuitive, and localized business solutions. Join us in reshaping the enterprise realm in the MENA and beyond.