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Your Ultimate Cloud-Based Inventory Control System

Unlock new possibilities in managing your inventory with Enfinity ERP. Tailored to meet the specific needs of growing businesses, this comprehensive solution offers robust stock management, order fulfillment, and more to help you achieve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Intuitive Dashboard

Simplify your decision-making with our cloud-based dashboard, offering real-time insights into your business health. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and drill down into detailed stock summaries.

  • Highlight all inventory management KPIs.

  • Drill-down features for detailed analysis.

  • Advanced customization options for tailored insights.

  • Real-time stock status monitoring.

Inventory Management

From Stock Transfer to Material Return, our module offers an all-encompassing solution. Centralize your inventory, make precise adjustments, and ensure you never run out of stock.

  • Automated stock replenishment.

  • Centralized inventory updates across all selling channels.

  • Monitor stock movements and reduce carrying costs.

  • Inventory Adjustments for both quantity and value.

Efficient Stock Control

Eliminate inefficiencies by precisely managing stock levels, reorders, and transfers. Our automated features let you focus on growth rather than manual adjustments.

  • Define and monitor stock levels.

  • Track item availability and manage reorder points.

  • Barcode and barcode printing for quick identification.

  • Automatic re-ordering to prevent stockouts.

  • Negative stock checks.

Item Profile

Organize your inventory effortlessly with detailed item profiles. Capture product details like prices, availability, vendor details, and more. Create item variants, track batches, and ensure accurate product categorization.

  • Comprehensive item details with photo.

  • Support FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average costing.

  • Inventory and non-inventory items.

  • Serialized item with barcode support.

  • Batch item with expiry date tracking.

  • Item variants for size and color.

  • Multiple unit of measure (UOM).

  • Multi-level categories and grouping.

  • Support Bill-of-Material (BOM).

Multi-Warehouse Management

Oversee multiple locations through a unified platform. Enfinity ERP allows easy stock transfers and offers in-depth inventory reports for each warehouse.

  • Centralized database for multiple locations.

  • Easy stock transfer among warehouses.

  • Real-time tracking of transfer orders.

  • Detailed reporting on warehouse inventory.

  • Role-based security on warehouse.

Item Kitting and Bundling

Increase sales by offering bundled products. Enfinity ERP automatically updates individual component levels during assembly and sale.

  • Easy item bundling and assembly.

  • Support for item disassembling.

  • Accurate stock level updates.

Barcode Integration

Enhance accuracy and reduce manual entry errors with barcode integration. Scan barcodes during transactions, ensuring precise inventory tracking from receiving to shipping.

  • Barcode printing capability.

  • Automated field population with barcode scans.

  • Accurate tracking system using barcodes.

  • Reduced manual errors for optimized operations.

  • Seamless integration with the entire inventory module.

Inventory Reports

Make informed decisions with our extensive reporting features. From sales trends to stock valuation, get insights that matter.

  • Stock valuation and summary reports.

  • Detailed items and inventory levels analysis.

  • Inventory aging and turnover insights.

  • Monitor fastest and slowest-moving items.

  • ABC analysis for inventory control.

  • Exportable reports in multiple formats.

  • Multiple angles for warehouse performance.

Physical Stock Count

Guarantee that your digital records match your physical stock. With our physical stock count feature, businesses can conduct stock takes, make auto adjustments, and generate variance reports.

  • Multiple cycle stock takes.

  • Automated adjustment features.

  • Physical vs system variance reports.

  • Stay informed and accurate with regular stock checks.


Ensure the safety and integrity of your inventory data. With role-based security and audit trails, businesses can control access, track activities, and stay prepared for audits.

  • Granular access with role-based security.

  • Detailed audit trails for transparency.

  • Control access to transactions and reports.

  • Show or hide fields based on user roles.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with other Enfinity modules like Accounting, Sales, and Purchase ensures that your inventory management is always in sync with your entire operation.

  • Simplify data management with integrated systems.

  • Ensure consistency across all business operations.

Embark on a transformative journey with Enfinity ERP

Take the leap towards superior inventory management with Enfinity ERP. Our feature-rich platform is designed to meet the specific needs of growing businesses. Don't let inventory challenges hold you back—empower your operations and set the stage for unprecedented growth!

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