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Enfinity Payroll: Cloud-Based Payroll Solution

Unlock the future of payroll management with Enfinity Payroll! Our cloud-based HRMS solution streamlines your payroll processes, ensuring seamless integration with HR, leave, benefits, and much more. With a robust system that caters to MENA's intricate statutory legislations, we've taken the complexity out of payroll. Our platform does all the heavy lifting—right from automatic payroll computations to intricate bank transfer formats—so you can focus on what matters most: your employees.

Advanced Payroll Capabilities

Centralized platform offering smooth payroll operations.

  • Centralize your payroll with our Pay Cycle console, ensuring uniformity.

  • Enjoy error-free automatic payroll computations – no math, no hassle.

  • Introduce variability with ease using the Variable Salary input.

  • Opt for multiple payroll runs in a single period.

  • Trust our system to automatically compute end-of-service benefits.

  • Simplify bank transfers with generated transfer files.

  • Choose flexible payroll periods, whether calendar-based or cut-off date-based.

  • Mass update features for earnings and deductions ensure time savings.

  • Consider retroactive payroll for those joining at back dates.

Robust Leave Management

Experience flexibility with diverse leave types, such as annual, sick, medical, hajj, and maternity.

  • Get clarity on entitlements, accruals, and advance leaves.

  • Adjust, encash, and distinguish between various leave types.

  • Ensure flexibility with annual leave setups and exclusions.

  • Special features for backdated leaves and split leave functionalities.

  • Handling of leave without pay and excluding weekends or holidays.

Final Settlements Made Simple

Define specifics from settlement type to asset recovery, ensuring every detail is covered.

  • Determine notice periods effortlessly.

  • End-of-service calculations.

  • Efficient handling of loan and asset recovery.

Efficient Timesheet Management

Analyze project costs, integrate attendance, and streamline financial entries.

  • Easy import of attendance and project allocation data.

  • Automated cost allocation based on hours worked.

  • Direct integration with time and attendance systems.

Efficient Timesheet Management

Overtime Management

From weekend to holiday overtimes, every minute is accounted for.

  • Seamless integration with time and attendance for overtime calculations.

  • Manual overtime entries.

  • Compensation for accumulated overtime.

Comprehensive Indemnity Handling

From social security to encashment, all indemnity matters are in check.

  • Efficiently manage indemnity processes.

  • Handle encashments with ease.

  • Navigate through social security intricacies.

Air Ticket Benefits

Manage all air ticket-related benefits from accrual counts to encashments.

  • Destination-based fare considerations.

  • Options for ticket adjustments and redemptions.

Streamlined Loan Operations

Define, manage, and adjust loans with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Establish limits and terms for different loan types.

  • Facilitate loan rescheduling and recovery.

  • Handle multiple loans with ease.

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Glean insights from diverse reports ranging from paysheets to payroll comparisons.

  • Detailed payroll analytics by period, employee, and department.

  • Lease settlement overviews.

  • Deep dives into payroll specifics.

With Enfinity Payroll, dive into a world where payroll intricacies transform into effortless tasks. From automated computations to detailed reporting, we've got your back, ensuring your focus remains on what truly matters: growing your business. Embrace efficiency; choose Enfinity Payroll!

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