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Public Holidays, Weekends, and Leave Types in Qatar

25 Oct 2023

  • For anyone working or operating a business in Qatar, understanding the intricacies of the nation's public holidays, weekends, and leave types is essential. Not only does this knowledge ensure compliance with local regulations, but it also helps in planning business activities, vacations, and personal time. Let’s delve deep into these aspects, keeping it informative!

  • Public Holidays in Qatar

    Public holidays in Qatar are a mix of religious observances and national celebrations. Here are the prominent ones:

    1. Eid al-Fitr: This is celebrated at the conclusion of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. The exact date varies as it's based on the lunar calendar.
    2. Eid al-Adha: Also known as the 'Festival of the Sacrifice'. It occurs about two months after Eid Al-Fitr and lasts for about three days.
    3. Qatar National Day: Celebrated on December 18th, this day marks the historic day in 1878 when Sheikh Jassim, the founder of the State of Qatar, succeeded his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani.
    4. Qatar Sports Day: Held on the second Tuesday of February, it promotes health and fitness.
    5. Islamic New Year: Celebrated on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Its date varies each year
    6. Prophet Muhammad's Birthday: Celebrated on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi Al Awal.

    It’s important to note that the dates of some of these holidays, especially the religious ones, might shift due to the lunar calendar. Employers are advised to stay updated with official announcements.

  • Weekends in Qatar

    Weekends in Qatar, as in many Middle Eastern countries, fall on Friday and Saturday. Friday, being a significant day of prayer in Islam, is observed as the weekly day of rest. Saturday acts as the second day of the weekend, allowing residents to relax and rejuvenate before the workweek resumes on Sunday.

  • Leave Types in Qatar

    For a harmonious work-life balance and to cater to the needs of employees, various leave types are available in Qatar:

    1. Annual Leave: Employees in Qatar are entitled to a minimum of three weeks of paid leave if they have been employed for a year. After five years of service, this increases to four weeks.
    2. Sick Leave: An employee can avail sick leave up to two weeks at full pay, provided they have a medical certificate. Beyond two weeks and up to four weeks, the pay is reduced to half. If the illness extends beyond four weeks, the leave becomes unpaid.
    3. Maternity Leave: Female employees are entitled to a 50-day maternity leave, combining both pre and post-natal periods. They receive full pay if they have worked for the company for at least a year; otherwise, it’s half pay.
    4. Paternity Leave: Though not as common as maternity leave, some progressive companies in Qatar are offering paternity leave to allow fathers some bonding time with their newborns.
    5. Hajj Leave: Muslim employees who wish to perform the Hajj pilgrimage are entitled to a 15-day unpaid leave once during their employment.
    6. Emergency Leave: This is granted in sudden, unforeseen situations. The specifics can vary from one company to another, so always check with your HR department.


Qatar, with its blend of rich traditions and modern aspirations, offers a unique work environment. Being aware of the public holidays, weekends, and leave types not only helps in aligning with the nation's cultural and regulatory landscape but also in fostering a harmonious workplace.

For businesses and employees alike, staying informed and respecting these days of rest and celebration helps in creating a balanced work-life environment, making Qatar an attractive place to work and do business.