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The Pinnacle of Cloud-based HRIS for Modern Businesses

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of Enfinity HR Core, your next-generation cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS). Specially crafted for the MENA market, it seamlessly blends localization with technology, ensuring reduced paperwork and effortless HR management. Dive into the world where digitized processes, comprehensive data management, and intuitive analytics come together to revolutionize the way you perceive HR. With our system, HR isn't just about management—it's about empowerment.

Employee Profile

Dive into comprehensive employee profiles that offer a 360-degree view of your workforce.

  • Comprehensive HRIS at your disposal.

  • Holistic employee status and history overview.

  • Manage intricate details ranging from personal data, dependents, to competencies.

  • Stay on top of information related to children, dependents, spouses, and more.

  • Define variables like substitute employees, work locations, residency/visa details, employee grades, and more.

Letter Templates

Design and print letters with ease, including government forms, bank letters, and social security communiques.

  • Ministry Forms Batch Printing for streamlined operations

  • Personalize as per unique business requirements

Document Management

From employee to corporate documents, track, renew, and manage with automated reminders.

  • Renewal/expiry notifications

  • Ensured access rights for utmost security

Document Management

Organization Chart and Structure

Gain a bird’s eye view of your company with visual representations of the organization.

  • Org Charts by employee, department, and designation

  • Personalize as per unique business requirements

Organization Chart and Structure

Employee Assets

Oversee and manage all assets allocated to employees.

  • Maintain records of varied assets, from vehicles to keys

  • Track issuance Damage and returns of assets

Employee Lifecycle

Navigate the pivotal stages of an employee’s journey with your organization.

  • Effortlessly manage phases from promotions to end-of-service.

  • Efficient handling of transfers and suspensions.

  • Clear documentation of every employee milestone.

  • Seamless integration with other HR processes.

Employee Lifecycle

Workforce Planning

Strategic Headcount Management: Plan, budget, and compare headcounts.

  • Requirement planning based on designated periods

  • Compare budgeted figures against actuals seamlessly

Workforce Planning

Embark on a transformative journey with Enfinity HRMS

With features ranging from employee lifecycle stages to integration with other Enfinity suites, we deliver the ultimate HRMS experience. Ditch the traditional, embrace the revolutionary. Dive into the world of efficient HR management and cutting-edge technology with Enfinity. Your organization deserves nothing less.

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