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Enfinity Self-Service

Enfinity Self-Service is a game-changing cloud-based HRMS tool designed to empower both managers and employees. This all-encompassing platform facilitates a host of HR activities, enabling employees to manage their work life seamlessly and HR admins to simplify complex administrative processes. Imagine a dynamic work environment where HR tasks, from requesting leave to evaluating performance, are streamlined, automated, and user-friendly. That’s what Enfinity brings to your organization.

Mobile App

Dive into HRMS on the go with our feature-rich mobile app. Whether you're an employee or an HR manager, access key functionalities anytime, anywhere.

  • Native apps for iOS, Android And HUAWEI Store.

  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts.

  • Easily apply for leaves, clock in/out, view announcements and more.

  • User-friendly interface for tasks and approvals.

Employee Profile

Maintain comprehensive employee profiles. From personal to employment details, Enfinity ensures up-to-date records at your fingertips.

  • Update personal, address, and employment specifics.

  • Track performance appraisals and 360 feedback.

  • Oversee education, employment history, and more.

  • Centralized system for easy access and updates.

Geofencing Abilities

With geofencing, monitor employee attendance accurately. Define custom work areas for clock-ins/outs and ensure that employees are at the required location during work hours.

  • Real-time visibility over field attendance.

  • Eliminate time theft and buddy punching.

  • Customize geofence sizes and locations for varied needs.

Geofencing Abilities

Team Management Tools

Effortlessly manage your team. From leave requests to performance tracking, Enfinity has it covered.

  • Delegate tasks and authority seamlessly.

  • View, approve or decline team requests.

  • Access comprehensive team calendars.

Payslip Features

Get quick access to payslip details. Employees can easily view, download, or print their salary specifics.

  • Comprehensive breakdown of earnings and deductions.

  • Effortless export and print options.

  • Role-based access for added security.

Self-Service Requests

Enfinity centralizes various requests, be it for loans, IT support, or travel, ensuring a swift and organized response.

  • Efficient system for various HR requests.

  • Streamlined approval process.

  • Access organization charts and performance metrics.

  • View and enroll in learning courses.

Self-Service Requests

Management and Admin

Offering robust tools for managers and HR admins. Streamline workflows, get real-time analytics, and ensure smooth HR operations.

  • Comprehensive reporting, dashboard, and analytics.

  • Automatic notifications and alerts.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support.

Management and Admin

Unified HR Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate Enfinity Self-Service with other Enfinity solutions, ensuring smooth and consistent HR operations from onboarding to performance evaluations.

  • Integrated calendars, public holidays, and weekends.

  • Simplify onboarding and offboarding processes.

  • Centralized data across all Enfinity platforms.

Unified HR Ecosystem

Enfinity Self-Service isn't just a product; it's the future of HR management. Experience transformative HR operations, where efficiency meets user-friendliness. Let's embark on a journey where HR tasks are not just managed, but celebrated. Simplify. Streamline. Succeed. With Enfinity.

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