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Partner with us

Step into the future with Expert Business Solutions (EBS), the MENA's premier cloud-based business apps provider. With a legacy of over two decades, we seamlessly combine tech expertise with the MENA's unique business pulse.

Why Partner with EBS?

Our partners are more than associates; they're specialists dedicated to excellence. Enjoy a relationship built on shared growth and mutual respect.

Exclusive Benefits:
  • Lead Sharing

    Access to curated leads.

  • Attractive Commissions

    Earn from successful deals.

  • Enterprise Support

    Use the Enfinity advantage to perfect your deals.

  • Ongoing Training

    Stay ahead with our webinars and sessions

The EBS Edge:
  • Industry Leadership

    20+ years in enterprise solutions trusted across business spectrums.

  • Tailored for MENA

    Enfinity HRMS reflects the MENA’s core, from labor norms to business traditions.Cloud-enabled and accessible anytime.

  • Global Reach

    Rooted in Kuwait with branches in Pune, India, we merge global tech with local needs.

Enfinity Highlights:
  • Fully Adaptable

    Configure as per your needs.

  • Always Available

    Cloud-enabled and accessible anytime.

  • Bilingual

    English and Arabic interfaces.

  • Prompt Support

    MENA-based rapid resolutions.

  • Top-notch Security

    Partnered with Microsoft Azure for unrivaled safety.

EBS isn't just about software; it's a partnership, a journey towards efficient, intuitive, and localized business solutions.Join us in reshaping the enterprise realm in the MENA and beyond.